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Hi everybody!

Thank-you so much for visiting my site. Please leave me a note telling me about your experience and if you have any comments or suggestins.

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Question   Poppies
Hi Yulia!
This is Rebecca from the Marriott!
I have been looking through your photographs and think they're great! I love the pictures of the poppies, as they are my favourite flower.
Also, the pictures of Yellowstone (the bison!) are fantastic, I can't wait until I go there.
It was really nice to meet you, and I hope you come back and visit some day.

- Rebecca Walsh 10/7/2010 8:50:08 PM

  Answer Dear Rebecca England...,
thank you for your thoughtful and warm compliments about the pictures. I think we both have an instinct that draws us to admire nature's beauty as well as an unabashed respect for its power (bison close by and 4,500 m high mountains in the distance). The poppies' pictures were taken along an NC highway. By the way, did you like Charlotte?

We truly enjoyed talking with you. You are a natural bright ambassador for your country. Do you think you will stay on here? You'll do great anywhere with your personality. Good luck!

- Yulia B.  10/11/2010 8:58:10 PM

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Question   Arts & Crafts exhibit
I spoke briefly with you at the Arts & Crafts exhibit at Greensboro's Arboretum. Of all the exhbits there, I truely believe that your photographs were the best. The details of the flowers and of course my favorite - the island taken at dusk.

- Philippe Chauvigne 10/13/2008 4:20:14 PM

  Answer Philippe,
Thanks for your wonderful comments. It is most gratifying to find an audience that sees the same that I see. Good luck to you,

- Yulia B.  10/16/2008 9:43:13 AM

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Question   art submittion
i witnessed your beautiful work today!!!!!!!!!!! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

- kenita gordon 10/11/2008 1:18:55 PM

  Answer Thank you, Kenita, for your glowing words of praise. Ihope to meet you someday soon, Yulia

- Yulia B.  10/12/2008 12:29:02 PM

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Question   Your photos are gorgous

I visited Your gallery and want to say that the photos are marvellous. Starting from flower to architecture I saw photos and it was an amazing event for me personally. We are in the same class on I hope that I'll also learn a little bit from Your photographics point of view.

Best Regards
Krystian Madejski

- Krystian Madejski 7/11/2008 6:26:11 AM

  Answer Hi Krystian,
thank you for your generous and thoughtful compliments. I have a passion for photography, and I am happy to be able to share my discoveries with you.

- Yulia B.  7/14/2008 8:00:56 AM

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Question   good job!
This is a fantastic work! I really like it. I am wondering if you have more pictures coming?
I like the idea of slide show. Also I think that is cute, when you put the curser on the small black and white picture, it will change to the color one.
Do you consider adding music to each link?

- Jun Guan 1/11/2008 6:37:13 PM

  Answer Hi Jun!
Thank you very much for your interest in my work! I will add new pictures soon. I did think about music, too. But it is difficult to find melodies that everybody likes.

- Yulia B.  1/13/2008 6:32:28 PM

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Question   Professionalism
The site is very well constructed although much more will be done. You do have a talent for capturing the essence of your subjects. I enjoyed the slide shows.

- Joe Phillips 10/27/2007 10:16:38 AM

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Question   everything
This is a professionally rendered website combined with tasteful and exquisite views of nature. You can almost feel the sensation of the flowers' scent, the gentleness of the Japanese gardens made greater than reality as if painted by Hokusai's brushstrokes, the grandeur and depth of those glorious seascapes. Can't wait to see more and more of this artist's palette. Domo arigato gozaimasu...

- fl * 10/15/2007 8:39:42 PM

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Question   Serious reflection picture
Is it just me or are there little fish and other small things hidden among the bushes of seaweed? Quite spiky pic, also quite interesting

- Egor Palchyk 10/15/2007 3:30:42 PM

  Answer I think, it is your impression. It is just a rock behind the seaweed.

- Yulia B.  10/16/2007 10:36:24 AM

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Question   First Blush picture
This whole picture almost looks like it was a canvas painting. It's very interesting, and the cloud that's in the middle of the picture (well almost), almost makes the whole picture look surreal. Was this taken during sunset also?

- Egor Palchyk 10/15/2007 3:28:18 PM

  Answer Yes, it was sunset time and a lonely cloud hovering in the sky.

- Yulia B.  10/16/2007 10:37:51 AM

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Question   Inland Sea Sunset photo
Now, out of all the pictures that I have seen, IMHO, this is the best picture that you have. However, I do have a question. Was this picture taken while facing Honshu or Shikoku?

- Egor Palchyk 10/15/2007 3:26:14 PM

  Answer Camera was facing right in between these islands, towards the bridge, which connects them. You can see part of Shikoku to your left and the Inland Sea islands in the middle and to your right. Honshu is on the right side, but across the sea.

- Yulia B.  10/16/2007 10:42:34 AM

  Answer Yulia,
I am delighted with your photos! I hope that your ideas do not run out and I'm will to enjoy yours new photos with new ideas!

- Victoriya Yefimova  6/20/2011 11:37:02 AM

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