About the artist

Dear friends and guests!

Rarely do people spend most of their time pursuing their passion in life. I’m one of them. I am a scientist holding a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with over 20 years teaching and research in chemistry. Finding a common ground in science and art, I have always been drawn to the visual arts. The camera eye gave me a unique chance to capture moments in time that will never occur again. These treasures gathered during adventurous travel in our beautiful land and the world allow people a glimpse into my heart and feelings.

Over time I have acquired extensive formal education in the photographic arts from internationally recognized contributors in the field. Now I am a well known photographer, earning awards and prizes for my work. Fine art prints are represented at art shows, a number of private collections, and at the Guilford Mill. My interest in photography does not lack in subject matters whether it be landscapes, seascapes, wildlife or the fruit of human enterprise. I’ve developed a direction in the personal artistic expression of this work which imprints my images instinctively as fine art, these instincts combining art and science which share spontaneity and improvisation in their practice.

These expressions of my nature bring to life the color and mood of the artwork. The reward in these photo paintings is in the discovery of boundless beauty and the ultimate sharing with people.

You are welcome to visit my galleries to see, order and enjoy images from other seasons' collections or places. Have fun!