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from Rebecca Walsh Poppies

Hi Yulia!
This is Rebecca from the Marriott!
I have been looking through your photographs and think they're great! I love the pictures of the poppies, as they are my favourite flower.
Also, the pictures of Yellowstone (the bison!) are fantastic, I can't wait until I go there.
It was really nice to meet you, and I hope you come back and visit some day. Previous Response:
from Yulia Basova
on October 11, 2010
 Dear Rebecca England...,
thank you for your thoughtful and warm compliments about the pictures. I think we both have an instinct that draws us to admire nature's beauty as well as an unabashed respect for its power (bison close by and 4,500 m high mountains in the distance). The poppies' pictures were taken along an NC highway. By the way, did you like Charlotte?

We truly enjoyed talking with you. You are a natural bright ambassador for your country. Do you think you will stay on here? You'll do great anywhere with your personality. Good luck! 

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